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Forms for Salesforce v4 Releases

Updates on Formstack's Forms for Salesforce v4 Releases.


  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t saving the prefill configuration when the user clicks Publish.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hosted Form ID doesn’t get saved on a draft template.
  • Updated Apex code formatter from 1.7 to the latest version.
  • Updated the Admin Settings panel with a Phoenix framework sidebar.
  • Updated the form draft pill in the form menu to Phoenix framework.


  • Fixed an error that did not allow for validating the form fields.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow for refreshing the field settings for multi-select picklists.
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe payment fields that was showing an error when publishing the form.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the related object to be removed from the form when a user hits enter inside of a field in the builder.
  • Scaled down DTU usage with File uploads.
  • Added a feature that send the form API version to the database when the form is published.
  • Added a new schema API version.
  • Added a feature to send an email notification to the form admin if the Copilot integration failed.


  • Fixed an issue with NativeCloud where alerts were not delivering.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a timeout with File uploads.
  • Fixed an issue with payment fields that would return errors when including a decimal in tax.
  • Fixed a payment field issue where State/Province code affected payment field calculations.
  • Added a feature that created an endpoint to reference a Hosted Form embed code with the copilot integration.


  • Added submissionWorkflowId parameter in the embedded form URL to support Formstack Copilot workflows.
  • Added a feature for users to decide if they want PDF submission files to upload to Files, Attachments, or Chatter.
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud file uploads were misconfigured to upload through Formstack infrastructure for Chatter files.
  • Fixed an issue where payment field errors paired with JavaScript caused a payment processing problem for forms with JavaScript interacting with payment fields.
  • Fixed an issue for customers using the legacy Chatter API files upload that required an OwnerID.
  • Fixed an issue where legacy Chatter API was enabled for customers that upgraded to NativeCloud and didn’t switch uploads to ContentData from VersionData.
  • Fixed an issue where customers using upsert and file uploads encountered a duplicates error and don’t receive the file in Salesforce. Once the duplicate is resolved the file will upload.
  • Fixed an issue where a submission PDF is not uploaded to Salesforce record when a failed submission is retried.
  • Fixed an issue where users cannot view the submission dashboard record due to a JavaScript error when trying to load the primary object for object structure preview.


  • Improved file upload handling performance and stability.
  • New! Introduced ability to attach generated Documents to Salesforce Files (without using Chatter option).
  • Fixed an issue where dependent fields were not using the master record type by default so some options were missing in picklists.
  • Fixed an issue where the submit button gets disabled when calling the OnBeforeSave function.
  • Fixed issues related to multiple file uploads on the same record due to locking.
  • Fixed visual spacing issue between forms in Forms Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue related to file uploads not always attaching to primary object.
  • Fixed an issue where the extension of the file upload is lost when the filename is customized (NativeCloud).
  • Fix an issue where records where being recreated instead of updated when a prefilled form was submitted.
  • Fixed an issue related permission set assignment that prevents completion of NativeCloud onboarding wizard.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents files from being uploaded to multiple records.


  • Fix an issue where it was not possible to receive more than 50 records in a submission. Limit increased to 2000 records as limited by Salesforce API.
  • Fix an issue where picklists with special characters may not function properly
  • Fix an issue where invalid credit cards would cause forms to hang if iATS payments processor was used.


  • New Release: Support for Dependent Fields!


  • New Release: Support for Conditional Prefill ( )!
  • Fix an issue where publishing a form with grandchild objects prevents prefill from working properly
  • Streamline Prefill configuration user experience 
  • Fix an issue where multiple objects with the same name don’t always show in in Prefill list.
  • Update Process Builder class name to remove namespace from label.
  • Fix an issue where a form is not refilled when a URL query strong is present
  • Fix an issue where profiled data overwrites save-for-later data.
  • Fix an issue where Prefill is disabled on community forms when a form is published. 
  • Ensure that form links are deactivated when the form is deleted.
  • Fix an issue where forms with a high number of child objects would fail to submit records for the child objects. 


  • Resolved issue where submission values table may show duplicate values when making and reverting a change on a failed submission.
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud forms with master-detail relationships marked some fields as missing even with previously submitted data.


  • Improved experience of using Junction or junction-like objects (Master-detail, Lookups, special objects like CampaignMember) which are common in many industry-based data models (NativeCloud support).
  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud forms where lookup fields may stop working and show a permissions error.
  • Fixed an issue where publishing fails on forms with lookup and child lookup objects of the same type.
  • Disable Resubmit button when any values on failed fields have been changed and are ready for submission. Changes must be reverted to resubmit unchanged submission.
  • Fixed an issue where the payment amount from a Stripe payment field was not saved to the Salesforce record.
  • Fixed an issue where Stripe payments may succeed even if the submission failed.
  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields on Grandchild objects were not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where failed submissions are successfully resubmitted but still marked as failed.


  • Support for adding grandchild objects that are children of child objects (non-NativeCloud only).
  • Support for adding lookup objects (parents) of child objects (non-NativeCloud only).
  • Improved experience of using Junction or junction-like objects (Master-detail, Lookups, special objects like CampaignMember) which are common in many industry-based data models (non-NativeCloud only).
  • Fixed issue where we the Related Id field in an object is being written during submission even when the object doesn’t allow access to update the field. This will improve use of Junction-type objects on prefill forms (non-NativeCloud only).
  • Prevent submission when forms are set to inactive even when submitted directly to API (non-NativeCloud only).
  • Introduced the ability to search for submissions on Submission Dashboard using a Submission ID.
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid Google reCAPTCHA token did not result in an error being displayed on a Community form.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to map a deleted field on a failed submission.
  • Ability to set a Lookup field on a form by searching millions of records in a Salesforce List View (defaults at 100,000 record limit and activated by request on Pro or NativeCloud Pro plans). Read article for more details.


  • Fixed an issue where an error message is incorrectly shown in builder after creating a new form. 
  • Allow drag 'n drop of file uploads onto NativeCloud forms.
  • Fixed an issue where use of 'contains' on a repeatable field does not work.
  • Improved NativeCloud Setup Helper to reduce manual steps in wizard. 


  • Fixed an issue with Save and Resubmit feature not working in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the first page of a multi-page form is hidden when it should be visible.
  • Fixed an issue where a custom filename will cause the saved file to lose its extension.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters where incorrectly parsed in failed submission emails. 
  • Fixed an issue where resubmissions did not appear in submission dashboard as successful even when submitted successfully.
  • Fixed an issue with repeated object state not saving correctly in data modelling section of form.
  • Fixed an issue where annual submission limits were not correctly showing to users in Admin Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where accessibility "aria" attributes are not being set for some prefilled fields.
  • Fixed an issue where if the first of the repeated objects is submitted as blank, the in-app submission preview shows one repeated record missing than what was submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where some links in-app will cause the user to navigate to an app page without the Lightning header or to not see submission dates in Submission Dashboard. 
  • Fixed an issue that prevents some forms from being successfully duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where the first page of the form is not always being hidden when FFEvaluateRules is called. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain field types are missing API names in-app.
  • Fixed an issue where an object could not be removed from the form if a hidden lookup field is added to the form. 


  • Significant improvements to submission engine performance and stability.
  • Reduced API calls during submission to an average of 1 per 25 records.
  • In some cases, child records will not be created if the creation of a parent record was attempted but failed. This may differ from existing behaviour. 
  • New submissions - A failed parent record means that creation of child record will not be attempted.
  • Prefill - A child record will be updated or created regardless of parent record update. If parent record is also new, then child record will not be created if parent fails.
  • Upsert - If child is a new record and upsert is on parent and no matching parent record is found, then a parent and child record creation will be attempted. If creation fails on parent then the child record creation will not be attempted. In all other cases, a child record will be updated or created regardless of parent record update.
  • No duplicate records will be created throughout this process. 
  • Resubmission of a failed submission will no longer create duplicates of records previously submitted successfully.
  • Increase supported submission records (including repeated sections) to 800.


  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud where a blank numeric field will now submit a null/blank value instead of a 0 in case of prefill and upsert enabled forms.
  • Fixed issue with attaching files and PDFs to records that are owned by a Queue or Group (NativeCloud).
  • Removed underscore character from text area default value.
  • Enabled editing on text area fields when modifying a failed submission from the submission detail page.
  • Fixed issue with merge fields failing to merge when they are only in the subject line of email templates.
  • Fixed UI glitches observed in form builder when a payment field is on the form.
  • Fixed issue with field settings in the form editor when the object name starts with certain strings like "Image".
  • Fixed issue with the right-hand side of some fields being cut off in PDFs.
  • Required fields will not be validated on submission if they are in a hidden page or a hidden section. This behaviour was previously limited only to fields hidden directly and was not applied when the section or page containing these fields is hidden. 
  • Fixed issue with setting the default value of a field when the field's label is blank.
  • Fixed issue with setting the default value of picklist fields directly from the form.
  • Fixed bug which may cause UI issue to not show objects on Object list in Form Builder.
  • Improved mobile rendering of esignature fields to prevent cutoff.
  • Fix issue for a Matrix Field when drag and drop outside of Matrix was throwing an error.
  • Fix issue in field settings where it wasn't showing correct field name.
  • Fixed issue with deleting form drafts causing page IDs to reset.
  • Fixed issue with prefill failing when attempting to prefill an unused object.
  • Form-wide PDF settings (like a custom file name) will now work with the email verification PDF.
  • Removed time fields from the list of available fields in the form editor since time fields are not currently supported.


  • 🎨🖌 UI refreshed when creating a new form or updating data model!
  • Fixed an issue that allowed NativeCloud forms to be submitted before a file upload was completed. 
  • Fixed an issue with using a repeatable general field in rules where trying to hide some repeated general fields would not work when controlling field is in the repeatable section.
  • Helper button to add Sharing Rules in Admin settings panel (Sharing Rules for Community Portal Users) has been updated to add sharing rules for users with Partner Community Profile.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent guest users accessing a logged-in context form on a public page from seeing data in lookup fields they do not have access to. If this breaks a form, please make sure guest users have appropriate sharing rules and permissions to access the lookup records and List View or use an admin-context form instead.
  • Fixed an issue where page ids were not being updated in underlying XML when drafts are deleted which means they couldn't be targeted using rules. 
  • Fixed an issue where a blank field on one child record will get populated with data from a different child record in the same repeatable section when a prefilled form is loaded (NativeCloud).
  • Fixed an issue on forms that have form validation set to "On Submission" instead of "One page at a time" and have a payment field on the last page. Required payments were not being treated as required and submission was allowed. 
  • Improved appearance of save for later dialog on mobile.
  • Fixed issue where multi-select picklist options would not be selected in a PDF if the API name of the option did not match the label.
  • Fixed issue where draft child records were not retrieved when loading a saved draft on a form that has both save for later and prefill enabled.
  • Fixed issue where users could insert formulas into fields on a form and have those formulas get evaluated in submission emails.


  • Significant Increase of available length for email alert recipient fields in custom alerts.
  •  Fixed an issue on partially saved submissions on forms with prefill enabled. On subsequent access using Save-for-Later link, the form would not load child record data into repeatable sections if new child records were added in Salesforce after the form was initially loaded and data saved. Newly added child records now appear.
  • Updated error messaging and verification for Professional Edition orgs that use the "Prefill" feature on their forms. Auto-generated prefill link triggers and process builder cannot be used on Professional Salesforce org editions.
  • Fixed issue in Classic forms where a read-only field with a default value would be saved in an HTML-encoded format
  • Added payment support for 2-series mastercard numbers.
  • Removed leading/trailing spaces URL parameters supplied as part of URL prefill link. This occurs when generating a link from Salesforce multipicklist values. 
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in the prefill email subject field that prevents sending a dynamic Prefill URL over email.
  • Fixed issue with drawn signature fields not showing up in PDFs for non-Native Cloud customers
  • Added support in the rule engine for international-formatted date fields that were configured using this recipe.


  • 🔺 Updated Admin Settings > Settings & Permissions to allow setting Trusted Sites required for NativeCloud Community forms to function properly. Please visit the setting to determine if it applies to you. 
  • 🔺Updated to the latest version of Pendo. Please note that Pendo is used to provide core product features so please whitelist * in ad blockers if you notice it is blocked.
  • Added Auto-save after additional interactions in the rule editor.
  • Fixed issue with general picklist and radio fields where the default value would change, or where it is not possible to set it to "--select an item–"
  • Fixed issue where the "Export Links" Prefill feature would sometimes return a blank CSV.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents PDF generation when the “+” character is present in a field.
  • Fixed issue where two signature fields on one form would cause email verification to fail to send the final PDF email.
  • Fixed an issue seen with Winter '21 release where Stripe overlay would not display in a Community form. 
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud setup Wizard would not preset the correct site URL when there is a sub-path.
  • Fixed issue where changing the values of a picklist that you are using in a payment formula would cause payment information to get lost. Picklists now trigger 'change' events when a "Set Picklist Values" rule is evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue where files were not submitted to Salesforce if the name contains '>' or '<' characters. 
  • Fixed an issue where custom Javascript was not loading in Community Builder related to Winter '21 release. 
  • Fixed an issue where saved drafts would not be deleted when discarded by the user (NativeCloud only).
  • Fixed an issue where forms cannot be submitted in Community Preview (Winter '21 release).
  • Fixed the position of the lookup popup to be centered (Winter '21 release)
  • Guest users submitting forms configured with Logged-in user context will fail. On resubmission, the 'owner' is now set to the Default Site Owner for that Community instead of the user that submitted the record. This is a change in behaviour enforced by Salesforce Winter '21 release.  
  • Removed Stash integration support. 
  • Fixed issue where some submitted files would not be attached to failed submissions that were re-submitted through the submission dashboard.


  • 🚀 New Feature: Introduced the ability to automatically generate Prefill links using Process Builder instead of existing APEX trigger mechanism! See help article for details. 
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud setup helper wizard did not generate correct URLs for sandbox orgs.
  • Fixed issue where Save-for-Later would not create correct URLs when using latest version of Chrome browser because Referrer header was being blocked. 
  • Fixed issue introduced in Winter '21 that prevented NativeCloud Files from being uploaded successfully. 
  • Fixed issue where two lookup fields on an object with the same name would cause publishing to fail.
  • Fixed issues that prevented our permission sets from being assigned because certain permissions were disallowed for some user licenses in Winter '21. 
  • Fixed issue with guest site user access could not access forms with Captcha V3 introduced in Winter '21.
  • Fixed issue where radio/checkbox values were repeating multiple times in the form editor.
  • Fixed an issue where start/end with rules did not work on '(' and ')' characters. 


  • Significant improvements to improve screen reader's ability to navigate forms according to W3 Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1 (
  • All errors include the role=”alert” attribute now, notifying screen readers to read them out loud when they appear.
  • aria-describedby is used in many places to link a button or section with a label or error.
  • setting a field as ‘required’ now also adds the aria-required attribute so that screen readers know the field is required.
  • Placeholder text is also added using the aria-placeholder tag now.
  • File upload fields are tab-selectable and can be interacted with using the spacebar or enter buttons on the keyboard. This includes adding and removing files.
  • The remove file button now includes the filename in its “title” attribute instead of just the word “Remove” so that screen readers properly indicate which file is being removed.
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes were not properly tab-selectable in all browsers and can now be interacted with using spacebar or enter.
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes now include a number of aria tags. The radio button containers use the “role=group” tag to indicate that the radio buttons are in a group together. The radio buttons themselves use the role=”radio” tag to indicate their type. They also use the aria-checked=false/true tag to indicate their checked/unchecked status to screen readers.
  • Signature fields have been updated to use the aria-required tag and that alert role when a signature error occurs.
  • The add/remove item buttons for repeatable sections can now be interacted with using enter/spacebar.
  • Introduced new Resource Centre with Pendo Feedback to submit feature requests.
  • Fixed issue where migrating forms with very large pages or pick lists may fail. 
  • Fixed an issue in Edit Rules where changing between any/all does not trigger autosave.
  • Fixed an issue observed when a rule is evaluated on repeatable radio button lists after clicking "add item". Only impacts rules that set other elements as required. 
  • Fixed issue with modifying the default value of multi-select checklists in the form editor.


  • 🎉New Feature 🚀 General Input Fields introduced! Support for Rules, Submission Dashboard, Emails, PDF. See support article for details.  
  • Fixed issue where updating prefill URLs would fail with certain list view filters.
  • Fixed an issue where Community Permission set could not be assigned to some profiles. 


  • New: Self-serve managed sandboxes available on all plans. See help article for details.
  • Fixed an issue where rules could fire on two different child fields with similar names.
  • Fixed an issue where endsWith logic in a rule may be off by 1 character limiting matches.
  • Fixed an issue with form migration where a field that is required on a form but not required in Salesforce will cause migration sanity check to fail and display an error after migration. 
  • Fixed issue where adding additional repeated sections would result in the added picklist and radio fields not copying the values from the previous repeated section. 


  • New Feature! Dropdown General Field available for use in form, email alerts, rules and submission dashboard. 
  • New Feature! Added API name in form editor for all Salesforce fields as well as HTML identifier for all General Fields (to allow for easier targeting). 
  • Improved performance of prefilled forms with a large number of prefilled related objects. 
  • Fixed an issue where submitted values tab does not show data for forms with a very large number of fields or objects.  
  • Fixed issue where adding special characters in 'Required Message' for the fields was breaking auto save in the form builder.
  • Fixed an issue where "Display Error Message" rule action would not work on child objects.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning NativeCloud permission set would fail for certain user licenses as a result of restrictions introduced in Salesforce Summer '20 release. 


  • Improved matrix field design to accommodate long labels
  • Fixed an issue where orgs with more than 200K submissions are not able to see new submissions in the submission dashboard. New submissions can now be viewed in the dashboard. 
  • Fixed an issue where some orgs would see a "Previous_Form__share" error on accessing app.
  • Fixed an issue where custom child object fields do not appear in rule editor.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters seen when a file upload field's "Required Message" includes an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented auto-saving in the form builder when a field's "Required Message" includes a special character.
  • Improved performance of dynamic prefill on repeated sections for non-NativeCloud forms.
  • Fixed an edge case with customized post submission events for community forms with file upload that prevented file cleanup.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF generation of submissions with a drawn signature field on NativeCloud forms.


  • Significant improvements in application and infrastructure security hardening. There is no impact on functionality but please let us know if you notice any unexpected issues. 
  • Automated deployment and recalculation of sharing settings for guest or site users so that it is no longer required to do so manually.
  • Fixed an issue where signature images are not visible in submission preview.
  • Fixed an issue where no warning is displayed when publishing a form with auto-generated prefill enabled and URL field no longer exists on form.
  • Fixed an issue that can cause a Community form to freeze a browser if a radio button is used in a repeatable section. 
  • Fixed an issue where multiple file uploads on a single form with similar names may be uploaded into Salesforce twice. 
  • Fixed an issue where a picklist would display the API Name instead of the label of the option when a rule populates the picklist on a form multiple times. 


  • 🎉New Feature 🚀 Google reCAPTCHA v3 is now supported to protect forms and payment accounts! See support article for instructions on using the new feature. 
  • Improvement: Remove "Formstack Submission" header on generated PDFs in NativeCloud.
  • Improvement: Significant improvement in performance of prefilled Community Forms. Additional improvements pending.
  • Fixed an issue where some multi-select picklists with multiple default values would only show the first default value as selected.
  • Fixed an issue where some Save-for-Later forms did not show saved data.
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded files in new file fields were not attached to email alerts.   
  • Fixed an issue with rule execution of forms embedded in an iFrame with XHR Protection.
  • Fixed an issue where list of file integrations is sometimes empty.


  • 🎉New Feature 🚀AWS S3 and Dropbox are now supported file upload methods! 
  • 🎉New Feature 🚀NativeCloud now supports Salesforce Files and non-native file upload integrations (25MB SF Files, Stash, Dropbox, S3, Azure)!
    See support article for instructions on using the new feature.
  • Fixed an issue with date fields where checking if a date field is empty/unset would not work.
  • Fixed form accessibility issue where tabbing through a form skips radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where some rules would hide and show unintended fields if the target tag name is a subset of another tag name.
  • Improved rule execution performance for conditional rules that populate multiple fields. 


  • Fix issues in email alerts that are not rendered properly in Microsoft Outlook client. Email alerts now also include Salesforce org headers.
  • Fixed an issue with custom file naming on NativeCloud.



  • 🎉New Feature 🚀 Formstack Documents integration publicly released! See support article for instructions on using the new integration
  • 🔺Critical Update: Sharing settings for Formstack managed objects now automatically added during post-install due to Salesforce critical security update. In-app mechanism also available. See support article for more details. 
  • Fixed an issue where prefilled dates were in the format YYYY-MM-DD instead of MM/DD/YYYY causing submission errors.
  • Fixed an error where deploying prefill triggers would occasionally fail. 
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where icons on calendar fields are not be visible on some forms.



  • Fix a performance issue in previous release.